Theory Workshop

“Enabling Excellence” ITN has organised a two day workshop for users of the AIMPRO code in Exeter, UK, from 26th to 27th March 2018, in conjunction with Strathclyde University. The AIMPRO code uses density functional theory methods to solve the quantum mechanics that controls the distribution of nuclei and electrons in materials.

Women in Science

In celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Ana Santidrián García, PhD student at Instituto de Carboquímica ICB-CSIC in Zaragoza, have collaborated in the exhibition “Women in Science” which is locating in the library La Pantera Rossa (San Vicente de Paúl, 28, 50001 Zaragoza).

Merry ChristMoS2 !

Image from partner Renishaw – this Christmas tree is molybdenum disulphide on a silicon substrate, topped off with a 633nm laser. Sample preparation by STEM_LPS in a colaboration through Enabling Excellence, image produced using inVia microscope.

EnEx in Benasque

EnEx researchers were strongly present at this year’s HeteroNanoCarb conference in Benasque, Spain, organised by Raul Arenal (INA) with talks (including keynote) by many EnEx researchers and members of our expert advisory board. Ed Goldwyn, from the EnEx communication project, was there to film many of the speakers giving short six minute summaries of their…

AFM-Raman Training at Renishaw

Wotton-under-Edge (UK), October 30 – November 15, 2017. ESRs Manuela Meloni, Giuseppe Fratta, Yuman Sayed-Ahmad Baraza, Daniel Funes and Sebastian Nufer visited Renishaw plc to learn about state of the art Raman imaging and combined Raman-AFM imaging, including TERS (Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy). ESR Dominik Winterauer and his supervisor Tim Batten guided the group on a…

Bringing our science from Europe to Asia!

This summer, Giuseppe Fratta (University of Sussex), Manuela Meloni (University of Sussex) and Sebastian Nufer (M-Solv) participated at the 7th Asian Conference on Colloidal and Interface Science (ACCIS) in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), following their supervisor, Prof. A. Dalton, who was an Invited Speaker. In this prestigious international meeting, Manuela presented her progress on the Latex-Graphene…

NanoteC in Nantes

NanoteC has now been running (mostly) annually since 1998 which makes this year its fateful 19th birthday.  The conference was born in Sussex University just after Sir Harry Kroto received the Nobel prize for the discovery of C60, and carbon nanoscience was undergoing one of its periodic boom times. People were discovering that you could…

EnEx secondments still running!

Two weeks ago ESR Manuela Meloni from University of Sussex (Brighton, UK) visited partner ICB-CSIC in Zaragoza (March 7-17, 2017). The occasion for her to follow a training course on XPS analysis by Ana Benito. Manuela’s personal page is here – University of Sussex presentation page is here. And ICB-CSIC presentation page is here.