Communication and dissemination ideas for ITN projects

In this short video we discuss some of the internal and external communication experimentation we have tried over the four years of the project, which ideas worked best and why, and present a range of communication and dissemination activities the project has engaged in.

With geographically distributed science projects such as international training networks (ITNs) it is not obvious how to facilitate and maximise communication within the network.  There are also many ways to train and develop the communication skills of the students. The “Enabling Excellence” project was run as an experiment in communication, and this video and document represent the results and conclusions of that experiment.

Over the four years of the project we have tried many different ways, some traditional, some very unconventional, in order to improve communication between project partners, as well as the communication skills of the student both for science dissemination and wider outreach. We hope the results presented here will be useful for those involved in science policy, as well as those preparing future projects such as ITNs.

The video includes information on:

  • Our initial communication training workshop in Cambridge
  • The project two week visit to Japan
  • “Grand Challenge” projects by the students such as ChemiProject, Sassy Science, Science Graffiti, School Workshops, Spanish Science Videos, …
  • The link between storytelling and conference presentations
  • Project design and tools to maximise internal communication

We will soon be adding an additional pdf support to this page with more detail and further ideas and suggestions, it is currently in preparation.

There are many further ways that this experiment can be developed further, which we hope to explore in future projects.


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