Renishaw, Bristol

RenishawRenishaw is a global company based in Gloucestershire, UK which specialises in precision metrology, motion control and spectroscopy. Renishaw manufactures innovative products that significantly advance our customers’ operational performance – from improving manufacturing efficiencies and raising product quality, to maximising research capabilities and improving the efficacy of medical procedures.

Renishaw is a recognised leader in Raman spectroscopy. It has a team of over 100 scientists and engineers specialising in the production of fully configurable Raman systems. Since being launched, the Renishaw inVia Raman microscope has become the world’s best-selling research Raman spectrometer. inVia is used in a diverse range of analytical applications including pharmaceutical, carbon materials, material science, gemology and mineralogy, forensic science, nanotechnology, biomedical and semiconductors.

1 PhD position is based here

ESR13. “Raman/AFM imaging”
ESR11. Dominik WinterauerDominik Winterauer graduated in quantum physics from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. In his master’s thesis he focused on the numerical treatment of light-matter interactions and optomechanical multistability of light intensity and particle motion in optical cavities.
Apart from science he likes running and powerlifting, and casually enjoys telling a pun or two.

Project Supervisor at Renishaw

Tim BattenTim Batten: Dr Tim Batten is a Senior Applications Scientist at Renishaw plc. He has been working at Renishaw’s UK office for five years, in which time he has performed Raman spectroscopy on every type of sample imaginable. Previously he studied a PhD at the University of Bristol, using Raman spectroscopy to assess temperature and stress/strain in GaN based transistors. His current research interests focus on 2D materials (graphene, MoS2, BN) and using Raman as an integrated tool in the production of compound semiconductor devices. He plays a key role in developing instrumentation and applications based on Renishaw’s combined Raman AFM and TERS systems.

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