Students’ projects

esr2 Daniel Funes-Hernando
Design of conjugated polymer/graphene/metal nanowires for exploring new optoelectronic behaviors
esr3 Yuman Sayed-Ahmad Baraza
Atomic scale DFT simulations of pristine and functionalised graphene
esr4 Emin Istif
Graphene-based composite materials with conducting polymers
esr5 Lorenzo Vallan
Graphene-based hybrid materials with nanoparticles
esr6 Ana Santidrián
Colloid chemistry of sorted carbon nanostructures
esr7 Ruben Cantón
Functionalization of exfoliated graphene with organic dyes
esr8 Antonia Kagkoura
Functionalization of exfoliated graphene with semiconductor nanoparticles
esr9 Giuseppe Fratta
Kelvin Probe and Conducting Force Microscopy of graphene-based percolating films
esr10 Manuela Meloni
Self-assembly of graphitic networks using polymer latex crystal templates
esr11 Mario Peláez Fernández
Advanced transmission electron microscopy studies of pristine and functionalized graphene-based materials
esr13 Dominik Winterauer
Raman/AFM imaging
esr12 Sebastian Nufer
Device development via thin film deposition of graphene-based composites

Meet our Early Stage Researchers – first row, left to right: Ruben, Mbaye, Emin, Daniel, Dominik, Antonia, Manuela, Ana – back row, left to right: Mario, Yuman, Sebastian, Lorenzo and Giuseppe.

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