2018 Japanese-European EnEx Workshops エクセレンスの実現

The “Enabling Excellence” ITN project is organising six International Japanese-European Workshops in Japan between 21st and 30th May 2018, to promote the project’s network to Japanese Universities and companies. The workshops will include presentations from supervisors and students and visits to Japanese companies and universities in order to establish potential research collaborations, and will be attended by all the project students, their supervisors, and representatives of our expert advisory board.  Our students, along with local students from each university site, will be giving both oral and poster presentations of their work. The programme will also include tours of research facilities.

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Japanese University / National Research Centre Partners


Japanese Commercial / Industrial Partners



Overall Schedule

May   AM PM Location
20 Sunday Arrival  
21 Monday Project agenda + presentations discussion Tokyo
22 Tuesday Toyo University: Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre Kawagoe (Tokyo)
23 Wednesday   JEOL Nakagami (Tokyo)
  Spanish Embassy Tokyo
24 Thursday AIST NEC Tsukuba (Tokyo)
  EURAXESS Japan Tokyo
25 Friday EU Delegation Project Meeting + Training Tokyo
26 Saturday Train -> Kyoto Kyoto Kyoto
27 Sunday Kyoto Kyoto
28 Monday Train -> Nagoya Nagoya University Nagoya
29 Tuesday Nagoya University Train -> Osaka Osaka
30 Wednesday SHARP Osaka
31 Thursday Departure  

22nd May Toyo University: Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre, Kawagoe (Tokyo)

23rd May JEOL, Nakagami (Tokyo)

23rd May Meeting at the Spanish Embassy, Tokyo

24th May AIST, Tsukuba (Tokyo)

24th May NEC, Tsukuba (Tokyo)

25th May EU Delegation, Tokyo

28th May Nagoya University, Nagoya

29th May Nagoya University, Nagoya